How to Measure for Furniture

Planning Your Space

Before you make your furniture selections, take a moment to consider the unique features of your room. This includes the placement of windows, closets, heating vents, electrical outlets, and even the swing of the door. It's a smart idea to measure the room's perimeter and create a simple floor plan to visualize your furniture layout. Don't forget to account for extra items like ottomans and occasional tables.

Accommodating Entertainment

Measure your television and other components you would like to place in or on your furniture. Purchase your television before your furniture and measure outside dimensions for width, depth and height.

Preparing for Delivery

Once you've settled on your new furniture, it's time to ensure a smooth delivery process. Verify that your chosen pieces can navigate all the necessary entry points, whether it's doorways, elevators, or staircases. Measure the height and width of these pathways, including interior spaces. The dimensions of your furniture play a pivotal role in determining whether it can be brought in straight, at an angle, or on end. Make certain that the path leading to and beyond each doorway remains clear and unobstructed. Be attentive to potential obstacles such as light fixtures, decorative mouldings, wall fixtures, ceiling heights, staircases, and railings, as these can affect the furniture's entry. Consider pieces that are available in multiple sections for easier delivery.

We're Here to Assist

At Natural Furniture, we're committed to helping you make the most of your space. Share your room dimensions with our dedicated staff, and we'll collaborate with you to discover the perfect furniture piece that harmonizes with your vision. Our expertise ensures that your furniture choice not only suits your style but also seamlessly integrates into your space, enhancing its functionality and aesthetic.