McKenzie Storage Bed
SKU: 1316FST
Price: $2,595.00
McKenzie Bed
SKU: 1346GAC
Price: $1,325.00
McKenzie Bookcase Storage Bed
SKU: 1370CAF
Price: $3,279.00
Pine Claudette Bed
SKU: 1400-Q
Price: $729.00
Pine Soho Bed
SKU: 1700-Q
Price: $729.00
Addison Panel Bed
SKU: 2010
Price: $1,335.00
, Addison Panel Storage Bed
SKU: 2018
Price: $2,415.00
, Addison Adjustable Storage Bed
SKU: 2035
Price: $2,415.00
Ellison Panel Bed
SKU: 2210
Price: $1,335.00
, Ellison Panel Storage Bed
SKU: 2218
Price: $2,415.00
, Ellison Adjustable Storage Bed
SKU: 2235
Price: $2,415.00
McKenzie Mantel Storage Bed
SKU: 2316GAC
Price: $3,039.00
McKenzie Mantel Bed
SKU: 2346GAC
Price: $1,509.00
McKenzie Petite Storage Bed
SKU: 2376FST
Price: $2,509.00
Catalina Upholstered Panel Bed
SKU: 3327
Price: $1,569.00
, Catalina Sheepskin Bed
SKU: 3336
Price: $2,829.00
, Catalina Poster Bed
SKU: 3342
Price: $2,075.00
, Catalina Upholstered Panel Storage Bed
SKU: 3348
Price: $3,159.00
, Catalina Sheepskin Storage Bed
SKU: 3356
Price: $4,419.00
, Catalina Poster Storage Bed
SKU: 3359
Price: $3,669.00
, Addison Adjustable Headboard Platform Bed
SKU: 3800
Price: $1,605.00
, , Addison Bookcase Bed
SKU: 3836
Price: $2,495.00
, , Addison Bookcase Storage Bed
SKU: 3838
Price: $3,715.00
, Wrangle Hill Twin Over Full, Pine Bunk Bed
SKU: 460093
Price: $1,145.00
Wrangle Hill Full over Full, Pine Bunk Bed
SKU: 460096
Price: $1,189.00
Shiplap Bed
SKU: 51298/612981
Price: $804.00
Shiplap Bed - 'Driftwood/Snow White'
SKU: 51298DSW/612981DSW
Price: $1,010.00
Alder Storage Bed - 6 Drawer
SKU: 60362/60302/60330/60370
Price: $2,509.00
Alder Storage Bed - Low
SKU: 60363/60302/60331/60370
Price: $2,137.00
Slat Headboard
SKU: 61153
Price: $499.00
Raised Panel Headboard
SKU: 61198
Price: $535.00
Slat Bed
SKU: 61253/612981
Price: $884.00
Raised Panel Bed
SKU: 61298/612981
Price: $874.00
Slat Bed - Low Footboard
SKU: 61353/612981
Price: $858.00
Essential Bed
SKU: 61382/612981
Price: $788.00
Alder Storage Bed - Tall
SKU: 61498/60302/60320/60370
Price: $2,697.00
Alder Chest Bed - Tall Blank
SKU: 61598/60302/60310/60370
Price: $2,109.00
Plank Headboard
SKU: 62198
Price: $439.00
Solid Alder Plank Bed
SKU: 62298/612981
Price: $999.00
Open Panel Platform Bed
SKU: 63291/632983/632984
Price: $879.00
Modern Platform Bed
SKU: 63298/632983/632984
Price: $879.00
Sonora Harvest Bed
SKU: ART-773
Price: $999.00
Fusion Bed
SKU: B6750Q
Price: $999.00
Dahlia Queen Bed
SKU: B8436
Price: $1,399.00
Mandala Gray Queen Bed
Price: $1,399.00
Parawood Mission Bed
Price: $549.00
Parawood Lancaster Bed
SKU: BD-702QH/BD-702QF/BD-504QR
Price: $653.00
Farmhouse Chic Bed
SKU: BD-901QH/BD-901QF/BD-901QR
Price: $983.00
Urban Sheesham Bed
SKU: HC1425S01/HC1425S01-R
Price: $799.00
Fall River Obsidian Bed
SKU: HC4479S01
Price: $999.00
, Kalispell Bed
SKU: PDU-102
Price: $1,099.00
, Bali Queen Bed
Price: $1,399.00
Tahoe Natural Bed
SKU: SBA-9047N
Price: $1,199.00
Crossroads Harvest Bed
Price: $1,099.00

Elevate Your Bedroom with Timeless Wooden Furniture in Portland, OR

Nothing speaks to quality quite like solid wood furniture. At Natural Furniture, we offer a wide selection of finished and unfinished wooden beds, dressers, and nightstands that promise longevity and style. From classic Shaker to sleek mid-century modern, our range caters to every taste.

Tailored to Your Style

Customize your bedroom furniture with various stain and paint options to match any decor, from modern to rustic. Experience the warmth and comfort of wooden furniture while enjoying a restful night's sleep in your personalized sanctuary.

Craft Your Dream Bedroom Set

Your bedroom is your retreat, deserving of the best. Choose from our collection of finished and unfinished wooden furniture to create a set that fits your needs perfectly. From spacious armoires to cozy sleigh beds, we offer a variety of options in sizes to suit your space.

Quality That Lasts

Crafted from premium solid woods like pine, alder, cherry, maple, and parawood, our furniture is built to stand the test of time. Enjoy top-quality craftsmanship at an affordable price when you choose Natural Furniture for your bedroom needs.

Discover Endless Options

Visit us today to explore our wide range of bedroom furniture options. Ready to furnish your home with custom wood? Contact our knowledgeable team at 503-284-0655. Your dream bedroom awaits!